Tuesday Special 10 Oz Draft Beer: 50¢ 5pm - 9:45pm
Wednesday Special ALL DAY: 65¢ Wings - Minimum Order 10, must be increments of five.


Medium: $13.99 Large: $16.95 X-Large: $18.95 Big Baby: $24.95


Ham & Pineapple.
BBQ Chicken
BBQ sauce, chicken & mozzarella cheese
Italian Classic
Fresh plump tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, and mozarella cheese.
Rio Ranch
Tomato, bacon & ranch.
Roma Spinach
Spinach, tomato & feta cheese.
N.Y. White
Ricotta, garlic, mozarella & parmesan.





Medium: $15.95 Large: $18.95 X-Large: $21.95 Big Baby: $26.95

Italian Chicken
Grilled chicken, roma tomatoes and fresh garlic.
Deluxe (10 Toppings).
Meat Lovers Supreme
Pepperoni, ham, bacon, sausage & meatball
Eggplant Parmigiana
Ricotta, parmesan & marinara sauce
Pizza Primavera
Ricotta, mozarella cheese, spinach, broccoli, fresh garlic, and olive oil.
Meatballs, ricotta, parmesan & marinara sauce
Cheese Steak
Mushroom, green peppers & cheddar cheese.
Blue cheese, buffalo sauce and chicken .
Chicken Alfredo
Mushroom, chicken & alfredo sauce.
N.Y. Wild Hot
Pepperoni, spicy sausage, banana peppers & mozarella cheese.
Broccoli, spinach, onions, green pepper, mushrooms & tomato
Alla Peyton Alexis
Sausage, garlic, mushroom, onions, green peppers, tomato





Medium: $18.95 Large: $22.95 X-Large: $25.95 Big Baby: $34.95

Stuffed Meat
Pepperoni, sausage, meatball, ham, bacon, sauce & mozarella.
Stuffed Chicken
Chicken, tomatoes, ranch, bacon, mozzarella & cheddar cheese.
(10 Toppings)
Stuffed Veggie
Spinash, broccoli, mushroom, ricotta, garlic & mozzarella.
Create Your Own Stuffed Pizza
Pick up to 4 toppings of your choice!